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What Is Mediation?

What Is Mediation & How Is It Different From Litigation

One of the alternatives to litigation is mediation. Mediation attempts to settle a case without going to trial. The plaintiff, petitioner, respondent and a neutral third party called a mediator all talk about the case to see if they can find a solution. The mediator’s job is not to make a judgment on a case like a judge and jury or the arbitrator in arbitration would. While the mediator will look at documents, listen to what both parties say, and educate themselves on the case, they are there to facilitate a conversation about the most agreeable option for both parties rather than make a legally-binding decision.

Mediation generally only happens if both sides agree to try settling in this way. Most of the time, mediation is a voluntary process unless the dispute becomes a lawsuit or in certain kinds of cases. If no agreement is reached, everyone goes back to where they were before mediation began: No one can be forced to settle.

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Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a dispute resolution option where married couples can handle their divorce without court or attorneys*.

This includes dividing assets and debts, and resolving child custody and child support issues.

Child Timesharing / Custody Mediation

Meditation is an option for parents that are not married who need to figure out a Parenting Plan, timesharing schedule and child support in a paternity case. Mediation allows parents to determine the best future for their children in a safe and confidential setting without court or attorneys*.

Child Support Mediation

As part of your paternity or divorce mediation resolving child timesharing and parental responsibility, we will address expenses related to the children and run child support guidelines while taking factors such as daycare & child health care costs, and applicable tax treatment into consideration.

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